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Interdisciplinary centre launched

1 October 2003

UCL's Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Higher Education (CISHE) was formally inaugurated by Professor Malcolm Grant, President & Provost of UCL, on 24 October 2003.

The inauguration took place at the centre's first public event, a colloquium on 'Transitions'. Staff from UCL were joined by colleagues from other universities from UK and Europe.

The colloquium, which took place over two days, explored the ways in which students, researchers and teachers cross professional, educational, disciplinary and institutional boundaries in the context of lifelong learning.

The centre was established to provide a forum for academics from a wide range of disciplines who are concerned to research into aspects of higher education and to encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative work. The increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary research proposals means the centre provides a valuable resource for UCL's academics at a time when higher education is becoming an increasingly important focus of national and international policy.

To find out more about the centre use the link below.

Link: Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Higher Education