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UCL's Dr Peter Smith publishes new biography of Albert Einstein

13 May 2003

UCL Honorary Research Fellow Dr Peter Smith (Science & Technology Studies) has published Einstein, a new biography that explores the man behind E=mc2, the most famous scientific formula in history.

A copy of Dr Peter Smith’s book ‘Einstein’

An experienced author, Dr Smith regularly reviews science books for national newspapers, and has contributed to a number of broadsheets and journals. His previous publication, 'Metaphor and Materiality: German Literature and the World-View of Science', was very well received and, according to one reviewer, "puts much other work in cultural studies to shame".

Dr Smith said: "Since 1905, when Einstein re-wrote the textbooks of science, physics has been little more than a series of footnotes to the theories of a 26-year-old patent-office clerk. In this book, I wanted to create an easy to understand and rounded portrait of this rebellious and contradictory figure. As Einstein said himself, 'To punish me for my contempt of authority, fate has made me an authority myself.'"

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Link: Dr Peter Smith