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UCL plays prominent role in establishment of French-English immunotherapy research network

12 May 2003

UCL's Dr Michael Ehrenstein (Medicine) is collaborating with the Science & Technology Department of the French Embassy and Dr Srini Kaveri (INSERM, Paris) to establish a network between the two countries that will promote research and cooperation in the field of immunotherapy of autoimmune diseases.

Dr Michael Ehrenstein

After months of planning by Dr Ehrenstein and Dr Kaveri, ten prominent scientists from the UK met their French counterparts for the first time in March. Among the UK representatives were four members of UCL staff, and scientists from institutes including Bristol, Cambridge and Newcastle.

Dr Ehrenstein explained: "By establishing this network and collaborating on joint projects, we hope to find and test better and more effective treatment for patients with a number of autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and systematic lupus erythematosus."

It is also hoped that the network will eventually result in a joint PhD program between French and UK institutions. Dr Ehrenstein said: "There will be both a research benefit and an educational benefit to these collaborations. Each scientist has formed a partnership with their French equivalent and it is planned that we will meet every six months to discuss progress. It is a great opportunity to meet experts from similar arenas, that should result in a fruitful and long term relationship."

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