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UCL 'spin-out' company shortlisted for Entrepreneur Prize

11 March 2003

UCL 'spin-out' company Virtual Lightfield has been shortlisted for the Electronics Weekly Entrepreneur Prize 2003.

Selected as one of eight finalists, the company is described as having "designed an efficient algorithm that generates more realistic, lower bandwidth graphical rendering".

Senior Research Fellow Professor Mel Slater (Computer Science) continues to lead research into the technology: a new approach to how computers generate graphic images.

Current graphics technologies have not advanced much in the last 30 years. This new approach models the light itself instead of modelling the actual objects. The system builds a representation of all light in a scene, embodying all images from all views, taking into account reflection, absorption and colour.

The technology can be implemented using present day hardware and has the potential to supersede existing computer graphics systems in areas such as film special effects, computer gaming and mobile entertainent.

Professor Slater explained: "Virtual Lightfield technology enables real-time, interactive walkthroughs and global illumination of a scene for combinations of many surface types, which have been unattainable using current graphics technology."

To find out more about Virtual Lightfield use the link below.

Virtual Lightfield