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UCL launches 'Citizenship and Identity' loan box for schools

17 March 2003

A new loan box of replica objects from Sir Francis Galton's collection of scientific instruments will be launched by UCL on 5 March 2003.

Schoolchildren with the Citizenship and Identity loan box Supporting the national curriculum for citizenship and science, the box explores the areas of identity and forensic science.

An exciting initiative for secondary schools from UCL Collections, the box contains items that stimulate discussion about the body, identity, forensic science and human rights.

The Assistant Curator for the Galton Collection, Ms Bryony Reid, and UCL's Education Officer, Ms Saira Ahmed, compiled the learning resource in consultation with teachers and pupils, for key stages 3 and 4.

Ms Reid said: "Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, was interested in inherited characteristics, fingerprints and identity. These subjects are relevant to young people today, who want a say in issues such as whether the government should issue identity cards, or keep DNA samples of all citizens on a database."

The box contains objects for pupils to handle, and press cuttings designed to stimulate discussion and debate. Ms Ahmed also attends schools and designs outreach sessions for pupils. She said: "The future for university collections lies in using them in an innovative and relevant way. By bringing objects and points of discussion to pupils, it generates enthusiasm in the subjects, higher education and UCL itself."

UCL already has several loan boxes containing resources from UCL's museums and collections. They support the teaching of ancient Greek archaeology, animals and biodiversity, and rocks & geology. Schools may borrow boxes for up to two weeks at a time.

Image: Schoolchildren with the Citizenship and Identity loan box.

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