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New bursaries and award from UCL partner

17 July 2003

Two new annual travel bursaries and an annual assay-design award for UCL researchers have been established through an agreement between the university and Upstate.

The awards build on a cooperative programme of commercialising novel biological reagents such as proteins and antibodies developed at UCL.

Dr Caroline Hyland, Business Development Manager (Upstate), who is based in UCL Business, said: "The new awards extend the licensing partnership between UCL and Upstate, through which research groups, departments and the university can benefit from the company's expertise in bringing novel reagents to market. Upstate are a fast growing biotechnology company, who have formed a respected reputation for providing well characterised, high quality reagents."

Each Upstate Travel Bursary is for £1,000, for use by postdoctoral researchers and lecturers, to support travel outside the UK to a meeting relevant to any aspect of cell signalling, with emphasis on disease implications and pathway analysis. The application deadline for the first award is 21 August, with the award made in September.

The £3,000 Upstate Assay-Design Award will be made to researchers who design an assay relevant to their research for any major phenotype which results from any cell signalling perturbation, which is robust, reproducible and amenable to potential high throughput. The application deadline is 26 September with the award to begin developing the assay made in January 2004.

To find out more about the bursaries, the award and Upstate use the links below.

Dr Hyland