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Barlett goes Synchroballistic

8 December 2003

UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture hosted an exhibition and lecture by innovative photographer Angus Leadley Brown.

Photograph by Angus Leadley Brown 'It's About Time, It's About Space (It's About Time to Skate Someplace): An Exhibition of Synchroballistic Photographs', in December 2003.

Mr Leadley Brown employs an unusual photographic technique to capture his subjects - skateboarders - in motion. A specially adapted camera records an object as it passes in front of the camera, instead of instantly as in other cameras. The resulting images appear to have been stretched, distorted or digitally manipulated, although they are simply the result of the photographic technique.

The artist discussed his work at the lecture 'Synchroballistic Photographs', held at the Bartlett on 8 December. Professor Iain Borden (Bartlett School of Architecture), who introduced the lecture and chair discussion, said: "Angus Leadley Brown's work explores the actual compositional process of space as it is produced by skateboard, body and terrain. These extraordinary images disclose how body, equipment and architecture come together to create a new spatial production."

Image by Angus Leadley Brown

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