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FLIPR comes to UCL

26 August 2003

UCL's Department of Physiology holds the only Molecular Devices Fluorescence Imaging Plate Reader (FLIPR) in a European university.

Mr Sam Ranasinghe Normally found only in pharmaceutical companies, the £200,000 machine is an excellent facility for staff and research students in the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Housed in the basement of the Rockefeller Building, the FLIPR is a powerful tool for expression cloning, receptor pharmacology, drug screening and many other studies. It is available for use by all members of UCL and the wider London research community.

Mr Sam Ranasinghe, the dedicated FLIPR technician, said: "FLIPR was specifically developed to perform cell-based high-throughput screening. Many different types of experiment can be performed quickly and efficiently on the machine, such as expression cloning, aequorin and luciferase luminescence, and dose response curves and pharmacology of receptors linked to calcium signals, ionotropic receptors and any G-protein linked receptor."

Contact Sam Ranasinghe (x46564) for more information.

A single well during an experiment

Images: Top - Sam Ranasinghe. Bottom - A single well during an experiment.