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Capital to host first Euro Youth Summit this week

10 April 2002

Young people representing 26 countries across Europe will meet at University College London to debate the future of European integration from a youth perspective.

The four day gathering - beginning 10 April 2002 - will represent the largest forum of youth ever assembled to discuss and resolve the same issues confronting European leaders and policy makers in the lead up to the next EU summit.

The conclusions of the youth summit will form part of an on-going public consultation on Europe launched by the European Commission in 2001.The youth summit will be a significant gauge of whether attitudes to European integration among the young remain positive.

Speaking today on the eve of the summit Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, UCL Provost and President said:

"Young people have a major stake in the future of Europe and it is essential that they play a real part in the debate that is shaping its future development. Providing a platform for young voices is crucial, and I am delighted that UCL is playing its part by organising this conference which will enable young voices from across Europe to be heard."

Notes to editors:

i. The Future of Europe, 10-13 April 2002, University College London, Gower Street. See The future of Europe conference website here.

ii. Interviews available on request. Contact UCL Media Relations.