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It goes without saying that London is a big city, and it is also one that is very easy to get around once you've learn the system. See the articles below to find out more about the Tube, London buses, what exactly is an Oyster card, clever discounts you can get, and also some info about some places you might want to visit outside of London - if you can bear to leave the city, that is...

Important info to get you started:

Transport and Travel articles

Cycling into University

In this article, Richard, Director of Sustainability at UCL tells us everything you need to know about cycling in London and how UCL supports cycling!

10 (important) Lessons on Tube Etiquette

In this article, Maryam, a UCL student from London has put together this rather brilliant guide on tube etiquette to help you take on the underworld like a true London warrior.

Travelling in Europe: 10 Safety tips and support

Fancy breaking up your studies with the odd trip to Europe? Make sure you read the 10 tips in this article from UCL Student Support & Wellbeing to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time! 

Getting outside of London!

We love London, but like with any great love affair - a bit of space is sometimes needed! In this article, Simone gives you some of her favourite UK spots for when she needs to escape from the city for a day or two!

A guide to London transport

In this article, Simone, a UCL PhD student has written her guide to London transport to help make those first few weeks getting around London a lot easier!