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Students’ Union UCL is here to represent the needs of all UCL students at a college, local and national level. The union also provides a range of services to help you to make the most of university - and discover more about yourself. To find out more about the Union, including how to join a club or society, who this year's sabbatical officers will be and what they do, why you should care about representation and (most importantly!) details about this year's Welcome Fair, check back here this week!

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Your Students Union articles

Volunteering changed my time at UCL

In this article, Maša Vujović, a PhD student at UCL talks about how volunteering in the local community while at UCL transformed their experience in London. 

Places for you - a tour of your Union

The union has so many great spaces spread across four buildings around campus for you to study, hang out, get fit or get creative! Find out all about them in this article!

Clubs and Societies 101

In this article, Ellie from the Students' Union gives you the lowdown on the (260!) clubs and societies you can get involved in at UCL. 

Welcome to your Students' Union

Our friends over in the Students Union UCL are taking over the Countdown to UCL blog this week to tell you all about how your Students' Union works and all the ways you can get involved - and why you absolutely should!