New Students



Your first step to becoming a UCL student is to go online to complete pre-enrolment. Pre-enrolment allows you to provide or confirm personal details we are required to hold about you and ensure that all details regarding your programme or course fees are correct prior to your enrolment.

When you have accepted and met the conditions of your offer, you will receive an email from UCL inviting you to pre-enrol. This will be sent within six weeks of the official start date of your programme. Your pre-enrolment service will not be available until you receive this email. Undergraduates should not expect to receive this email until early September.

The Three Steps to Completing Pre-enrolment

If you already know your UCL user ID and password, you can skip Steps 1 and 2 and go directly to Step 3 to complete your online pre-enrolment.

Step 1 - Online User Registration

The first thing you need to do is obtain your UCL user ID (your unique user code) and set a password. You will be asked to provide some details, including your Student Number, to match with your student record. Once this is done, you will be presented with your UCL user ID and emailed a token (in the form of a reference number) with further instructions. This token is used in Step 2 before you set your password.

Step 2 - Creating your Password

Follow the link provided in the email and enter your UCL user ID and the token. You will be asked to accept UCL's Computing Regulations and to set a password for your UCL user ID. This UCL user ID will remain with you during your time at UCL.

Step 3 - Completing the Pre-enrolment Task

Go online and log in to Portico (The UCL Student Information Service) using your UCL user ID and UCL password and begin the pre-enrolment task. If you have any questions while completing the pre-enrolment task, details of the appropriate team to contact will be provided within the task.

On completion of pre-enrolment you will receive an email confirming your enrolment appointment. Please review the Enrolment page for more information.