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Goodbye from the Newsfeed!

It's time for the Newsfeed to come to an end! But don't worry, we won't be leaving you on your own - now that you're a UCL student, you will start to receive out MyUCL Newsletter straight to your inbox.

Give it a go!

Give it a go! (GIAG) provides an exciting programme of one-off events for all UCL students. It’s a convenient and very affordable way of taking a leap into the unknown and doing something you’ve never done before! Best of all, it’s for UCL students so it’s a great way to meet new people at university. The Give it a Go team at UCLU host a huge variety of events, which include: discount tickets to musical theatre shows, day trips to places all around the UK, walking tours of London, and so much more!

UCL Cultural Consultation Service

UCL prides itself on being a global, culturally diverse and vibrant university, and values the rich heritage and experience within our students and staff. We are also aware of inter-cultural challenges and social conflicts experienced by students and staff at Universities in the UK. That is why we at UCL have launched a unique service: The CCS.

Culture shock

Now that your first week at UCL is almost over, you might be feeling an array of feelings – excitement about starting university, nervousness about starting university, ambition to do well in your studies, or perhaps confusion about how things are done here in the UK. If it’s the latter, then you might be dealing with culture shock!

Q&A with Tom Butler, second year Philosophy student

Tom Butler is a second year Philosophy student who is here to share his experience of his first year studying at UCL - how he chose his degree course, the workload, and his experience of making friends after taking a gap year.

10 things that make UCL unique

You've probably reaslied by now that UCL really is a university like no other. Our Global Ambassador Jorge has broken this down into 10 bullet points, describing the ways in which your student experience at UCL will be truly unique.

Secret places to study in London

You may find you study best in your bedroom, on the sofa, or in one of UCL's fantastic designated study spaces (check the Library pages for further details on where to find these!) - but if you fancy a change of scenery and want to explore a little bit of London, why not try out one of Education UK's recommended secret places to study?

Check out their top 3 below:

Looking after yourself

In the chaos and novelty of university life it's easy to forget about looking after yourself, in terms of both your physical and mental health. As welcome events settle down and you find yourself with more time, you'll have the opportunity to step back and organise your daily life. Here are some key things to think about:
1. Getting into a regular sleeping pattern
Try to get to bed and wake up at roughly the same time every day - and avoid sleeping in too late at the weekend.  Getting enough sleep at a time your body's used to will set you up for the day ahead! If you're an enemy of traditional alarms, you could always download a radio alarm app, or buy a lamp which lights up in the morning, filling your room with light that feels natural!

UCL Student Funding Support

At UCL we understand students can face a range of financial issues and we aim to help and advise you as much as possible, so you have more control over your own financial situation. We offer information online as well as one-to-one support through appointments and a drop-in counter service to discuss any questions you may have.

Q&A with Sean Penrose, Mechanical Enginnering student and volunteer police officer

Today on Inspire Me, Sean Penrose is here to answer a few questions. Sean has just graduated with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering and has had quite a unique student experience, working part-time as a volunteer police officer at the same time as studying (don't worry, we won't expect you to do that - unless you want to...).

Introducing: Writing and Language Support (WALS)

Starting at university can be a daunting prospect for new students – especially if you are moving to a new country and picking up a new language. But fear not! UCLU's Writing and Language Support (WALS) programme is here to help you.

Forced Marriage

Forced marriage - you may be wondering how this affects me. Perhaps you are right; it may in fact affect someone you are at university with.

Settling in at UCL - Advice from current students

We asked some of our current students talk about their experiences of settling into life at UCL and adjusting to life in London - from overcoming challenges, to making the most of London and adapting to 'academic English' at UCL. Dr Paul Walker and Dr Simon Banks also contribute their perspective of the experience.

Support in Student Accommodation

Living in student accommodation is a great way to meet new people and really get to grips with what London has to offer. UCL’s student accommodation is run by professional management teams who are there to ensure that you feel safe and confident in your new home.

10% discount on hot drinks at Ginger Jules

If you’ve read our article about the ‘paper cup issue’ and how to get your hands on a free UCL Keep it Green travel mug, we’re sure you’ll be keen to know more about the cafés working to save the planet and your pocket!

Wake up and smell the coffee: How to save money and the planet

Whether it’s getting you through your 9am lecture, keeping you awake during that dreaded all-nighter before a deadline (we’ve all been there) or just catching up with friends, a UCL student’s love affair with caffeine knows no bounds. However, if you’re still throwing your paper cups in the wonderful recycling bins around campus – you may be wasting your time and the paper that goes into producing them.

Five student money makers

Start term as you mean to go on – with extra cash! Save the Student shares five top tips for boosting your income.

Top 5 reasons to attend ISOP

The first few weeks of life abroad can be an exciting and daunting time, but don’t worry the International Student Support team runs just the thing to help you start your time abroad - the International Student Orientation Programme (ISOP). The idea behind ISOP is to make the transition into life in the UK and studying at UCL as smooth as possible for you. And in practice? It’s just a really good and informative time with plenty of talks and events, and there are many great reasons to attend. What are they, you may ask? Well…

IMPORTANT: Updating your address on Portico

You will likely have come across Portico already, as this is where you managed your offer from UCL and may have received your CAS. But trust me, there is so much more to Portico than that. Portico is essentially your student record online. It allows you to update your contact details, select your modules, view your exam timetable and find out your exam results, pay your fees or accommodation online, re-enrol each year, apply for your Graduation Ceremony tickets and plan and record your skills development.

Cycling in London: the London Cycling Campaign

The London Cycling Campaign's mission is to make a city where all Londoners can enjoy better conditions for cycling, creating a cleaner, safer, healthier and happier city for everyone.