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Making Friends

It's common to worry that you won't make any friends at university. However, everybody will be in the same position as you. Very few freshers will know anybody else at their university, so they'll be just as anxious and eager to make friends with you as you are to make friends with them. In fact, in a survey, more than half of students found it easier to make friends than they had expected.

Here are some practical tips on getting talking to people:

Your mobile phone in the UK

When you arrive in the UK, one of the first things you're going to want to do is get yourself set up with a UK phone so you can keep in touch with your new London friends!

UCL First Year Bucket List

Here's an article that needs no introduction - the UCL First Year Bucket List. Quite simply, a list of 32 things that we be bet you'll do in your first year...

Introducing: the UCL Instute of Education (IoE)

A warm welcome from the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), UCL’s School of Education and related Social Sciences! We are delighted that you have chosen to study and further your career with us.

Lunch Hour Lectures at UCL

What do you eat on your lunch break? A sandwich? A salad? How about some food for thought? Aisha Rahal from UCL Academy explains what Lunch hour Lectures are and recommends some that you might find interesting before you arrive!

Q&A with Matt Smith, first year UCL Linguistics student

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Here to kick off our week we have Matt Smith, a first year UCL Linguistics student, to chat to us about his course, volunteering, his recommedations for beginning at UCL, and what he wishes he'd known before he started...

International Student House

International Student House (ISH) is a multi-uni student centre located near Great Portland Street and Regent’s Park that organises lots of events, activities and subsidised trips for students studying in London.

Zero Tolerance at UCL

UCLU, the students’ union, runs a Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment campaign. Sexual harassment is any unwanted and/or persistent behaviour of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can include: sexual comments, sexual invitations, wolf-whistling, groping, pulling someone’s clothing, exposure of sexual organs and stalking. 

Spotlight on Societies: UCLU's Floorball Club

We have many burning questions about floorball. Where does it come from? Why is it gaining so much popularity? And what exactly is floorball anyway? Our woman in the field, Kate Wallis, speaks to the UCLU Floorball Club to get some answers.

Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

Moving to study in another country is an exciting and life changing experience. It also requires a lot of preparation and can feel a bit overwhelming at times, and we have no doubt that you have lots of questions in your mind.

Q&A with Lowri Chapman - French and German student

Lowri Chapman is an undergraduate student studying French and German. She has just returned from her year abroad and shares her highlights with us, as well as some of challenges of her first weeks abroad...

Support provided by your Personal Tutor - information and video

Personal Tutoring is a distinctive feature of higher education in the UK. At UCL, every student is provided with a Personal Tutor, who takes an interest in them as an individual and who offers guidance on their overall academic progress and personal and professional development.

Council Tax Exemption

Council Tax is the system of local taxation used in England, Scotland Wales to part fund the services provided by local government in each country. You are exempt from council tax if you are registered as a full-time student and living in a University hall of residence or in a household where everyone is a full-time student. If you do get a bill, you can apply for an exemption.

Q&A with Vanessa Goh, first year psychology student

Vanessa Goh is a first year BSc Psychology student. She looks back over her first year, reflecting on her choice of degree course, how much work you really have to do, making friends, and what it's like to start uni a couple of years older than the other freshers...

Q&A with Nightline Volunteer (Anonymous)

We posted an article earlier this week kindly provided for us by London Nightline. For a little more information about the service they provide, we had a chat to one of their lovely volunteers about their role and how Nightline can help if you're struggling (or just really need pizza).

Working Part-Time

As an international student, getting a part-time job can be a great way to add to your overseas studying experience. Living in the country’s capital, there are ample possibilities to gain some valuable work experience.