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New to UCL

We've made these videos to help you get to know UCL better. You can also keep up-to-date with what's going on around the university through our social media channels.

Abdul's #newtoUCL advice

Abdul tells us about his favourite place at UCL - the Cruciform building.

Wahid's #newtoUCL advice

Wahid tells us why the Science Library is his favourite place at UCL.

Aileen's #newtoUCL advice

Aileen shares her tip for the best place to study and hang out at UCL - the Anatomy Hub.

Becky's #newtoUCL advice

PhD student Becky talks about her favourite cafe and study space on campus.

John's #newtoUCL advice

We chatted to recent graduate John about why the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology is a great place to hang out at UCL.

Nervous about starting at UCL? So were we

UCLU officers share their experiences about starting at UCL.


A collection of resources to help you get orientated as you join UCL.

New students

Helping you prepare to be part of the UCL community.

Current students

Useful resources during your time as a UCL student.


An application for students to access UCL University and Union information directly from their mobile devices, including timetables and library services.

UCL Maps

Find your way around UCL's campus.

UCL Union

Find out what's going on and join a club or society.

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