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Your time at university is about learning more about yourself and other people - but of course it is also about studying in your chosen field! See below for articles giving advice on finding the cheapest books for your course, library hacks, adjusting to higher education and how to crack academic writing.

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So you're a going to be a new science PhD student? 

Following on from Simone's article on Monday on starting a PhD in the humanities, Mary Clark, a UCL PhD student in the Biosciences department is here to give her top tips for those new Science PhD students among you! 

What is the workload like? Advice from our Undergrad, PGT and a PGR contributors!

Whether you are coming to university for the first time, or you are starting your PhD with several degrees already under your belt, taking that next step up can be nerve-wracking for most! In this article, 3 UCL students that have been there are here to give you an idea of the what the workload is like and advice on how to handle it! 

Cracking academic thinking and writing

Cracking academic thinking and writing early on will help you immensely throughout your years at UCL. Today's article is full of great advice to get you started!

Starting a PhD in the humanities 

In this article, Simone Webb, our PhD contributor talks about the things you'll get up to in your first year and shares some advice after having just finished hers!