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QUADRASORB evo 4 BET Stations (Quantachrome)

The QUADRASORB evo Gas Sorption Surface Area and Pore Size Analyser comes with flexible, good performance, accurate, and modular features.


  • Measuring Range<0.1 m2/g to no upper limit
  • Test Options: Surface Area, Pore Size (2-50nm), Pore Volume
  • Minimum P/Po (N 2 ): 1 x 10-3
  • Sample Type: Powders and Porous Solids
  • Measurement Mode(s): Classical Helium Void Mode, NOVA He-free Mode
  • Measuring Time: degas + analysis within 2 days
  • Capacity: Up to 4 samples at one time
  • Temperature Control: RT to 350C (degas temperature)
  • Applications: Pharmaceutical Actives, Powdered Metals, Zeolites, Activated Carbons, Molecular Sieves
  • Material: Glass Sample Cells
  • Gases: Nitrogen
  • Method: Volumetric (Manometric) Gas Sorption