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Philip Treleaven

Philip Treleaven is Director of the UK Centre for Financial Computing and Business Analytics and Professor of Computing at UCL. The UK Centre is a collaboration of UCL, London School of Economics, Imperial College London and the major financial institutions, Regulators, Retailers and commercial organisations. The Centre undertakes analytics research in finance, retail, healthcare, services and sport. With the banks he works on algorithmic trading, with the Regulators on systemic risk, with retailers on customer analytics and with BUPA/Boots on mHealthcare.

The UK Centre has over 70 PhD students working on business analytics, and is unique in placing them in banks, funds and companies to develop advanced analytics and software..

Previously Prof. Treleaven was Director of the UK National Sizing Survey (SizeUK) where he pioneered the use of 3D body surface scanning for anthropometrics and measured 11,000 UK adults. This led to national surveys in the USA, Germany, France and Thailand etc.