UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


Matthew Chin attended the London Design Biennale 2023

29 June 2023


Dr Matthew Chin from UCL Centre for Nature-Inspired Solutions (CNIE) was awarded a scholarship to attend the “Creative Differences” workshop on nature-inspired, self-shaping matter, organised by the Automorph Network at the London Design Biennale 2023. The two-day workshop consisted of talks from biologists, physicists, engineers, designers and architects, as well as hands-on experimentation with self-morphing materials. The connections Matthew made with US, UK and Israeli researchers could pave the way for new collaborations on the design of new TME models and biomaterials for the NexTGen project (Cancer Grand Challenges). Potential avenues include 4D printing of cell scaffolds that change mechanical and geometric properties over time to recapitulate dynamic changes of tumours.