UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


Matthew Chin receives CNIE Inspiration Grant

18 March 2021

Matthew received an CNIE Inspiration Grant for his project "The immune “mind”: bioelectrical and structural networks in decision-making"

Matthew Inspiration Grant

Matthew's project concerns the study and manipulation of “swarm intelligence” of the immune system to address challenges in immunotherapy. It employs a nature-inspired approach, exploiting mathematical (graph theory), physical (biomaterial) and biological (cellular) networks, to design artificial environments that influence non-neural bioelectrical information processing. The investigation of cell-environment interactions in this project springs from the holistic perspective that cells exist as part of integrated, networked ecosystems. Thus, there is a strong alignment with Theme 4 of the CNIE – “Ecosystems, Control and Modularity”.

Matthew collaborates with Sophie Acton, junior group leader at UCL's MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, and Marc-Olivier Coppens.