UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


UCL CNIE Guest-Edits MSDE Special Collection on "Nature-Inspired Solutions for Engineering"

9 December 2021


UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE) has been instrumental in producing a Special Issue on "Nature-Inspired Solutions for Engineering" in the Royal Society of Chemistry MSDE (Molecular Systems Design & Engineering), published as Volume 6 (12) of the journal, which can be viewed here.

Edited by Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens and Dr. Bharat Bhushan (The Ohio State University) , this themed collection brings together eight articles that discuss widely different topics but are united in their vision to gain insights from fundamentals in natural, molecular systems for the design and engineering of novel functional materials and devices. The idea of this themed collection arose through the 1st ECI Conference on Nature-Inspired Engineering, held in Cetraro, Italy, in 2019, organised by UCL CNIE, and where several of the authors met and presented.

The MSDE special issue includes articles by Gene Goldfield and Yongmei Zheng and co-workers; Siddharth Patwardhan, Joseph Manning, Carlos Brambila; Dev Gurera and Dr. Bharat Bhushan; LaShanda Korley and colleagues; Urszula Stachewicz; Alexandr Malyuk and Natalia Ivanova; Halan Mohamed, Steve Hudziak, Vishanigaa Arumuganathan, 孟哲 (Jerome Meng) andMarc-Olivier Coppens.

Many thanks to the authors for their great contributions, and to the RSC MSDE team for their outstanding support.
MSDE is a journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IchemE).

The cover art includes a photograph taken by Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens in Costa Rica, in the cloud forest at the foot of the Arenal Volcano. It is a photograph of a spiderweb in the cavity of a buttress tree, rich with epiphytes, catching the fog. This is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. The inset depicts the schematic of a kidney-inspired anti-fouling mechanism for a membrane, as found in the article here.

Editorial Reference: M.-O. Coppens, B. Bhushan, 2021, Introduction to nature-inspired solutions for engineering, Mol.Syst.Des.Eng., 6 (12), 984-985, DOI: 10.1039/D1ME90037D [Link]