UCL Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering


Mohammed Alsubei

PhD Student

Office: Chadwick Building, UCL


Email: m.alsubei@ucl.ac.uk


Mohammed’s research revolves around membrane processes in seawater desalination and purification. Recently, Mohammed focuses on the fabrication of ceramic membranes from local and inexpensive materials that can be used in brackish groundwater desalination plants.


MSc, Polymer Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia (2015)

BSc, Chemistry, Riyadh College of Technology, Saudi Arabia (2002)


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  2. Bandar, K.B., Alsubei, M.D., Aljlil, S.A., Darwish, N.B. and Hilal, N., 2021. Membrane distillation process application using a novel ceramic membrane for Brackish water desalination. Desalination500, p.114906.

  3. Sedighi, M., Aljlil, S.A., Alsubei, M.D., Ghasemi, M. and Mohammadi, M., 2018. Performance optimisation of microbial fuel cell for wastewater treatment and sustainable clean energy generation using response surface methodology. Alexandria engineering journal57(4), pp.4243-4253.

  4. Wang, X., Jayaweera, P., Alrasheed, R.A., Aljlil, S.A., Alyousef, Y.M., Alsubaei, M., AlRomaih, H. and Jayaweera, I., 2018. Preparation of polybenzimidazole hollow-fiber membranes for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration by changing the spinning air gap. Membranes8(4), p.113.