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Biomedical Sciences

Stream Representative

Dr Paola Vergani: p.vergani@ucl.ac.uk


Biomedical Science encompasses those subjects which provide much of the academic basis of modern medicine. With a particular emphasis on Human Biology and wherever possible with a quantitative perspective, this stream aims to provide a foundation in structure and function, together with an introduction to disease and therapeutics.


Students who complete this stream will understand:

  • the molecular structure of cells and how molecules interact
  • the function and integration of the major organ systems of the body
  • the operation, function and pharmacology of the nervous system, with opportunities to pursue this at cellular and/or systems levels
Year 1

All Biomedical Sciences stream students take:

Year 2

All Biomedical Sciences stream students take:

and choose 0 - 15 credits from:

Check the pre-requisites of the year 3/4 modules from these year 2 modules.

Year 3

The Biomedical Sciences stream can be split into a Physiology pathway, a Pharmacology pathway or a combined pathway.

Students majoring should choose 60 - 75 credits and students minoring should choose 30 - 45 credits of the following:

Physiology pathway core:

Pharmacology pathway core:

Options for both pathways, choose 15 - 45 credits:

* Recommended modules

Year 4

All Biomedical Sciences stream students majoring take:

Students majoring should choose 30 - 60 credits and students minoring should choose 0 - 30 credits of the following:

Physiology pathway:

Pharmacology pathway:

Options for both pathways:

* Recommended modules

The Biomedical Stream combines with:

Organic Chemistry

Medical Physics

Mathematics and Statistics

History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science