Research Records

The Bartlett Review: Long Story on our research

The Bartlett Review, publishes in-depth features and essays from "groundbreaking thinking and research" in the Built Environment Faculty at UCL. In 2017 it included a report on our study: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/about-us/bartlett-review-2017/long-stories/whos-real-nimby

Summary report of Findings & Recommendations: After two and a half years of work, we have completed our data collection and analysis. Please see 'Publications' for the full academic articles and book chapters from our work. We produced a summary report of all of our findings and recommendations and launched it on the 7th December 2017. That report can be downloaded as a PDF from this link - Findings & Recommendations (summary report).

Final Report Image


Analysis and publications: We have completed analysis and are producing a range of publications. Articles are being reviewed and published in journals, and we have contributed to a book which is now available. We have written about the lessons from our study in a piece entitled Artefacts, the Gaze and Sensory Experience: Mediating Local Environments in the Planning Regulation of Major Renewable Energy Infrastructure in England and Wales.  This is published as a chapter (3) in a new book Relational Planning: Tracing Artefacts, Agency and Practices, by Kurath, M., Marskamp, M., Paulos, J., Ruegg, J. (Eds.), published by Springer Nature.  Further publications are shared in the Publications page of this website (see the sidebar link 'Publications').


Interviews & Workshops: We have conducted personal interviews and held discursive events with a range of people including local people, non-governmental organisations, developer's facilitation consultation, and others. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed to the research in this way. Data from the interviews was analysed and added to our findings, and workshops were used to help validate and test results.

Online Survey Report: We invited local people and other parties who had been involved in NSIPs examinations in England & Wales, to complete an online survey. A summary of the results of that survey was produced and circulated to those people. It can be accessed as a PDF from here - Online Survey Report.


Focus Groups Report: We held discussion events throughout 2016, with people living locally to proposed NSIPs in England & Wales. These events provided data on the perspective of the public for analysis. We also produced a report for those who participated in the focus groups and emailed this to them. A PDF of this report can be downloaded from here - Focus Groups Report.

Environmental Governance post-EU: Delivering Brexit raises fundamental political, legal and administrative questions, for the environment and beyond. To help reflect on these, Prof Maria Lee (UCL) has provided insights to our team. She shares her knowledge with the public here:


Nine Focus Groups complete: the NSIPs research team has heard directly from members of the public about their experiences and views of the planning examination. We are extremely grateful to all participants for their help.


Output from our research wins Best Paper Prize: Drawing on the study of NSIPs, Professor Maria Lee has written a paper on Knowledge of Landscape in Wind Energy Planning, and this work has won the prestigious SLS 2016 Best Paper award.



Close reading and analysis of documentation from the 12 NSIPs decisions: We undertook analysis of our 12 cases (see below), using the documents used by the Planning Inspectorate, who advises the Secretary of State on whether to grant consent. One of the key documents that we used was the report of the examination conducted by the Planning Inspectorate. We have completed analysis of the documentation from the decisions - browse a timeline of the decisions.


Selection of 12 cases: This is a study of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects or NSIPs, focusing on low-carbon energy development, the involvement of the public and how evidence is put together for statutory regulatory decision-making. We selected cases of projects where the planning decision, on whether or not to grant consent to the development, had been made before the summer of 2015. Looking at all the completed decisions on the Planning Inspectorate's website, we selected 12 cases from across England and Wales. These are shown in the map below - click for details.

  • 7 offshore wind farms
  • 2 onshore wind farms
  • 1 biomass plant
  • 1 tidal lagoon 
  • 1 energy from waste