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Matas Petreikis

Matas Petreikis


Matas Petreikis graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering (2018). For his Master’s project, Matas analysed the transfer of 2D materials and their patterning using colloidal lithography. Wishing to change his focus more towards electronics, he started a 4-year MRes + PhD programme in Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems (IPES; currently CEPS) CDT (2018) and obtained an MRes degree from University of Cambridge (2019). After that Matas started his PhD project at University College London (2019) under the supervision by Prof. Manish Tiwari and Prof. Ioannis Papakonstantinou; his project is focused on the use of high-resolution 3D printing to fabricate flexible printed circuit boards for two-dimensional tissue oxygen sensors.