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Nanoelectronics: Applications and Technology

The nanoelectronics research program is funded by an EPSRC grant as part of its Quantum Technologies major theme. The full title of the grant is Nanoelectronic based Quantum Physics: Applications and Technology. The aim of the program grant is to explore novel nanostructures in III-V semiconductors with a view to uncovering new physical behaviour when entering the quantum scale.

Nanoelectronic device showing a double quantum dot pumping entangled electrons into an Aharonov Bohm ring interferometer

There are no specific designs towards product development or commercial applications, with the emphasis remaining focused on furthering knowledge of basic physics and revealing new phenomena. However, any opportunities to exploit these advancements to assist with the development of new applications will be actively pursued with the help of our industrial partners.

Nanoelectronic quantum dot multiplexor device

This website was created to share and explain the underlying motivations for the research undertaken to a wide audience. As well as being useful for fellow researchers it is hoped that this will be a useful resource for the general public and will help to disseminate information about the direction of cutting edge research in the field of Nanoelectronics.

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