The Nahrein Network


Dr Rozhen Mohammed-Amin

Scholarship dates: 24 September – 23 November 2018 

Academic host: the ENMOTIVE project at the University of Glasgow

Dr Rozhen Mohammed-Amin
Dr Mohammed-Amin is Head of the Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group, Research Centre Coordinator and a lecturer at the City Planning Department at Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Iraq.

She was awarded the Nahrein Network Visiting Scholarship for a period of eight weeks to work with the EMOTIVE project at the School of Humanities, University of Glasgow. EMOTIVE is led by Dr Maria Economou.

The aim is to develop and experimentally evaluate a storytelling pilot project for the Slemani Museum in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, using the EMOTIVE platform.

The proposed outputs from this project are:

  • An EMOTIVE storytelling experience for Slemani Museum, which would be the first of its kind in any museum in Iraq.
  • Evidence-based findings, observations, and recommendations for developing and evaluating similar projects in the context of Iraq and its local communities. These will be fully documented and disseminated in a paper or report shared with all Iraqi museums and the Directorate of Antiquities.
  • A public lecture in Iraq, including a demonstration, to which local cultural heritage professionals and academics will be invited

During her placement, Dr Rozhen attended the EMOTIVE project’s conference in Athens, for which she was funded by EMOTIVE’s UK coordinator EXUS. She also gave a talk entitled, ‘Endangered Heritage and Digital Technology: Preservation and Revival,’ at Glasgow University on 8th November 2018.

Scholarship timetable:

  • 24 September – 23 November 2018: Glasgow University, hosted by Dr Maria Economou 
  • 20 October 2018: DigiFest 2018 in Stirling 
  • 21– 23 October 2018: Reading University, hosted by Professor Roger Matthews 
  • 4–7 October 2018: Athens, EMOTIVE project conference