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From time to time we produce podcast interviews with members, partners and collaborators of the Nahrein Network. Listen here or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

The Nahrein Network team would like to thank all the interns who helped transcribe the podcasts. Your hard work made this possible. Thank you Rachel Yi, Matthew Berry and Shoryu Saigo.

Robert podcast

Aerial Archaeology in the Middle East

Dr Robert Bewley, former Director of EAMENA, talks about Aerial Archaeology in the Middle East.

olcay podcast

Sustaining Vanishing Cultures in Domaniç

Dr Olcay, assistant professor at the Mustafa Kemal Hatay University, speaks about musical traditions and sustainability.

Rene interview

Preserving Cultural Heritage in a War Zone

Rene Teijgeler, a social scientist and a conservator, talks about his experience working in Iraq, with a focus on Libraries and Archives, the Ministry of Culture and Museums.

renad podcast

Policy and Cultural Heritage in Iraq

Dr Renad Mansour of Chatham House talks about Chatham House's recent work on policy and cultural heritage and its collaboration with the Nahrein Network.

Lanah Haddad podcast

Archaeology in Iraq

Lanah Haddad, Iraqi archaeologist and Regional Director of TARII, speaks about her work to safeguard, protect and celebrate Iraqi cultural heritage.

Lanah Haddad podcast 2

Archaeology in Iraq (Part 2)

Lanah Haddad looks at the trends and changes in Iraqi archaeology over the past few years and what needs to be done to reform the sector.

tourism in iraq podcast

Tourism in Iraq

Mr Ali al-Makhzomy, founder of Bilweekend tour company in Iraq, talks about developing new methods to strengthen Iraq's tourism infrastructure.

unesco in Iraq

Unesco in Iraq

Director of the UNESCO Office for Iraq, Louise Haxthausen, speaks about the rebuilding of Mosul and national and international efforts to revive its spirit of co-existence, learning and education.

paul collins podcast

Storytelling and Museums in Iraq

Dr Paul Collins, curator at Ashmolean Museum and Co-Principal Investigator of Nahrein Network speaks about story telling and museums in Iraq.

rozhen podcast

Interactive Technologies in Museums

Dr Rozhen Mohammed speaks about using interactive technologies to create a better museum experience in Iraqi Kurdistan and its importance in improving public engagement in cultural heritage.

Ahmed Naji

Art Heritage in Iraq

Dr Ahmed Naji speaks about his work in documenting and preserving Iraq's modern art heritage and discusses plans to safeguard it against further damage.

the wolf of baghdad podcast

The Wolf of Baghdad

Carol Isaacs and Daniel Jonas speak about their memories, experiences and work revolving around Iraqi Jewish music heritage.

Mosul Book Bridge

Mosul Book Bridge

Dr Alaa Hamdon of Mosul University and archaeologist Dr Caroline Sandes talk to us about the Mosul Book Bridge project and how it supports the rebuilding of Mosul University Library.

tourism in iraq podcast

Rebuilding a Library

The director of Mosul University Libraries, Mr Mohammed Jasim Aal-Hajiahmed, speaks about national and international efforts to rehabilitate the libraries of the University of Mosul.

Podcast interview with Sir Terence Clark

Friends of Basrah Museum

Sir Terence Clark, former British Ambassador to Iraq and until recently, chair of the Friends of Basrah Museum, talks about his work in establishing the Basrah Museum.

Podcast interview with Rashad

Watercrafts and Heritage in Iraq

Rashad Salim talks about Iraq's water based heritage, his Ark Re-Imagined project, and the role of local agency in revitalising the country's heritage and connections to the environment.

Podcast interview with Nasser

Edward Said and Orientalism

Professor Nasser Jassem speaks about Edward Said and Orientalism, the future of scholarship in Iraq and life under the Islamic State in Mosul.

Podcast interview with Mustafa

Eco-Museums in Southeastern Turkey

Dr Mustafa Doğan of Batman University talks about his research in the UK and his plans to establish an eco-museum in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.

Podcast interview with Hamed

Safeguarding the Local Heritage of Basrah

Dr Hamed Samir, Head of Architecture at the University of Basrah talks about safeguarding and reviving the local identity of Basrah.

Podcast interview with Mabast

Early Prehistoric Sites in Iraqi Kurdistan

Mabast Amin, lecturer at the History department, University of Garmian, Iraq talks about his research which focuses on the early prehistoric sites in Iraqi Kurdistan.

UCL Minds picture titled The Nahrein Network Podcast

Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Dr Hossam Mahdy, conservation architect, talks about the significance of community and intangible cultural heritage to sustainability and cultural continuity.

UCL Minds picture titled The Nahrein Network Podcast

Shanidar Cave: Northern Iraq's Neanderthal Site

Mr Dlshad A. Mutalb, heritage manager of the Directorate of Antiquities in Soran, in Iraqi Kurdistan, talks about Northern Iraq's important neanderthal site, Shanidar Cave.

UCL Minds picture titled The Nahrein Network Podcast

Heritage Challenges in Najaf

Dr Ali Naji, of Kufa University explains the connections between tangible and intangible heritage in Iraq.