The Nahrein Network


A Cultural Heritage Network for the Kurdistan Region

A Cultural Heritage Network for the Kurdistan Region: Challenges and Opportunities

Directed by Dr Saad Eskander, Dr Rozhen K. Mohammed-Amin, and Dr Alan F. Ali of Sulaimani Polytechnic University with partners at the University of Leicester and the University of Reading

The project team will establish a local cultural heritage network and centre based at Sulaimani Polytechnic University, bringing together cultural heritage stakeholders and experts from academia, the NGO sector, and policy-making, as well as the local communities. Structured and semi-structured focus groups and workshops will identify and analyse cultural heritage challenges and opportunities.  A series of seminars and lectures by local and international experts will explore best cultural heritage practices, while increasing connection and interaction among the network members. The project will also involve youth capacity building and training in cultural heritage research and networking by recruiting qualified, unemployed graduates of related disciplines from local universities as paid interns. The project’s processes and outcomes can be re-used and adapted for investigating the state of cultural heritage in the rest of Iraq and similar countries.