The Nahrein Network


Collaboration with Chatham House

The Nahrein Network – Chatham House Partnership  


The Nahrein Network is working closely with Chatham House's Iraq Initiative to explore the connections between cultural heritage and state-building in Iraq. Through Nahrein Network’s focus on the sustainable development of cultural heritage, this research employs a state-building perspective to better understand these relationships.  

A key goal of this partnership is to elevate the role of cultural heritage in international policy and to shed light on the challenges faced by Iraq’s cultural institutions. 

 The Nahrein Network-Chatham House partnership explores the role of Iraq’s state, quasi-state and non-state actors in cultural heritage. Themes include cultural loss, neglect and destruction, as well as more broadly the uses of cultural heritage in Iraq’s contested state-building process.  

In order to develop policy recommendations and advice, we will seek key stakeholders, including Iraqi Government institutions, including in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Iraqi and international NGOs, donors and international, national and community, to participate. Research will involve a series of webinars, roundtables and interviews with key stakeholders in this field. This research takes stock of where we are now and what role cultural heritage can play in Iraq’s future. 

A policy-oriented research paper will be produced in partnership with Chatham House in 2021, which will be shared widely in English and Arabic. 

We welcome contributions from all those concerned with the sustainable development of Iraq’s cultural heritage.