Visit the Grant Museum

Admission to the Museum is free of charge.

Opening hours

We are open to the public Monday - Saturday 1-5pm. We are also open for group and research visits on weekday mornings 10am - 1pm, when advanced booking is required.

Due to the holiday closure of UCL, we are not able to open on a few days surrounding Christmas and Easter. This year, we will close at 5pm on Wednesday 1st April and reopen as normal from 1pm on Wednesday 8th April 2015.

The Museum welcomes family visitors warmly. Children, however young, as well as adults get a great deal out of their visits but please note that children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult.

Any groups of ten or more must book in advance. This is to avoid clashes - the museum is used for a number of purposes and isn't suited to more than one large group at once.


Access to the Museum, and all public areas within it, is step-free. There is a shallow ramp leading up to the main entrance from the street.