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Robert Edmond Grant (1793-1874): and his Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy

Author - Sarah E. Parker

Robert Edmond Grant (1793-1874) - by Sarah E. Parker

In this new introduction to Robert Edmond Grant, Sarah Parker presents an overview of the career of this extraordinary man. She discusses the founding of his "Zootomical" Museum, the students that he influenced, and some of the more controversial aspects of his life and legacy. This book paves the way for a richer understanding of one of the most under-appreciated figures in the history of science.
Available only at the Grant Museum.

Order your copy for just £5.00.

Sculpture of the Grant Museum

A Wunderkammer Project by Ann Byrne and Dan Smith

Sculpture of the Grant Museum - by Ann Byrne and Dan Smith

The Sculpture of the Grant Museum explores the aesthetic features of some of the objects in the Grant Museum. This short book gives an insight into the artists'-eye-view of the natural history objects, and the way they are displayed and mounted.


No Ordinary Space: Historical Notes on the Grant Museum's New Home at UCL

Author - Joe Cain In 2011

No Ordinary Space cover image

In 2011, UCL's Grant Museum of Zoology moved into the Thomas Lewis Room of UCL's Rockefeller Buidling. No Ordinary Space provides historical notes about the room, the building, and the wider university and medical school environment.


Conversation Pieces: Inspirational Objects in UCL's Historic Collections

Conversation Pieces

At a time when UCL's museums are pioneering new and innovative ways to learn from objects, this book is a celebration of UCL's unique collections, with leading UCL academics invited to select and write about an object they found inspiring.



Our postcards come in a range of designs, as shown below. Please specify your choice(s) on your order form. Postcards can be bought as singles at £0.50 each, or £1.00 for a batch of three postcards.

Chimpanzee head drawing by Janet Knell
Jar of moles postcard
Juvenile orang-utan postcard
African rock python, maned wolf and lion postcard
Saltwater crocodile drawing postcard

Micrarium greetings cards and wrapping paper

Both greetings cards and wrapping paper feature the below design of the micrarium. Greetings cards are priced at £1.50 and the wrapping paper is £1 per A2 sheet.

Micrarium greetings cards and wrapping paper

Awesome Animals Top Trumps (including some of our specimens)

Hugo the gorilla £5.00 per pack of this classic card game. Including a bonus "Hugo the gorilla" card normally only available in the Museum. 

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