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Re-Launch is UCL Art Museum's inaugural exhibition that marks the reopening of our space after a programme of improvements. 

Re-Launch presents a selection of objects, prints and video made in response to our collections and the theme of re-launch. Its contributors hail from the Slade School of Fine Art and have participated as students in our celebrated annual Slade/UCL Art Museum collaborations over the course of the past six years. While some artists investigate the sculptures, prints and drawings within our collections, others experiment with the physical spaces of the Museum to either exploit or explode notions of the archive and its structure.

The exhibition runs from 27 April – 12 June 2015. The Art Museum and exhibition are open to the public Mon – Fri, 1pm – 5pm

The Art Museum is currently closed for refurbishment and exhibition installation. We will be re-opening on Monday 27 April. Re-Launch will run from 27 April – 12 June.

UCL Art Museum is open to the public whenever an exhibition is on display between 1pm and 5pm from Monday to Friday

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