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Our collaboration with Ikon Gallery, Birmingham - John Flaxman: Line to Contour, was accompanied by a catalogue (£15) which includes an essay by David Bindman, Emeritus Professor, History of Art, UCL.

Contact college.art@ucl.ac.uk to purchase.

To order a copy please send a cheque payable to ‘University College London’ together with details of your mailing address to:

UCL Art Museum
South Cloister, Wilkins Building
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

All orders must include £1.50 p&p per copy.
For Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in London: The Slade and UCL, however, please include £4.50 p&p per copy.

Additional Publications by UCL Art Museum

Publication titles

  • Violent Earth: The Unique Legacy of Dr. Johnston-Lavis. Emma Chambers, Jayne Dunn, John Guest and Wendy Kirk. 2005. £7.00 Softback
  • Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in London: The Slade and UCL. Public Catalogue Foundation. 200. £15.00 softback, £ 35.00 hardback
  • Slade Prints of the 1950s: Richard Hamilton, Stanley Jones and Bartolomeu dos Santos. Catherine Allison, Sara Gelfand, Harriet O’Neill, Johanna Plant and Joanne Wilson. 2005. £6.00
  • Student Stars at the Slade 1894 – 1899: Augustus John and William Orpen. Emma Chambers. 2004. £6.00
  • The hero at home in France: Lithographs by Nicolas-Toussaint Charlet 1792-1845. Tom Gretton (Ed.) 2004. £4.00  
  • Paper Cities: Topography and Imagination in Urban Europe c. 1490 – 1789. Tarnya Cooper and Daisy Hawker. 2003. £8.00
  • John Flaxman: Master of the Purest Line. David Bindman (Ed.) 2003. £14.95
  • Henry Tonks: Art and Surgery. Emma Chambers. 2002. £6.00
  • The Graphic Art of Eric Kennington. Jonathan Black. 2001. £6.00
  • Two Slade Students 1947-1955: J.A.W. Simons and Stephen Chaplin. Emma Chambers and Stephen Chaplin. 2001. £3.50
  • Affecting Moments: Prints of English Literature Made in the Age of Romantic Sensibility 1775-1800. David Alexander. 2000. £5.00 
  • Drawing Practices, Mediums and Methods 1500-1950. Tarnya Cooper. 2000. £3.50
  • The Wood-Engraving Revival and the Slade, 1921-1950 (Photocopy only). Susan Owens. 1999. Out of print £1.50 
  • Prints as Propaganda: The German Reformation. History of Art Dept., UCL. 1999. £5.00
  • Etching in England. Emma Chambers. 1999. £2.00
  • The Old Radical: Representations of Jeremy Bentham. Catherine Fuller. 1998. £6.00
  • C. J. Grant’s Political Drama: A Radical Satirist Rediscovered. History of Art Dept., UCL. 1998. £5.00
  • After Delaroche: Art and its Reproductions in Mid-Ninteenth Century France. Stephen Bann. 1998. £2.00

  • Industry and Idleness: the Moral Geography of Hogarth’s London. David Bindman. 1997. £2.00
  • Refashioning Death: Vanitas and Memento Mori Prints from Northern Europe. Tarnya Cooper. 1997. £2.00

  • Philip Reisman’s Etchings: Printmaking and Politics in New York 1926-1933. Andrew Hemingway. 1996. £2.00
  • Drawing on Canada: William Townsend. Charlotte Townsend-Gault. 1995. £2.00 
  • Jesse Dale Cast (1900-1976), Art and Life. David Cast. 1994. £2.00 

  • Origin and Originality: Copied Drawings from the Grote Collection. Tarnya Cooper. 1994. £2.00

  • Re-Presenting the Assassination of Marat (Photocopy only). History of Art Dept., UCL. 1993.Out of print £2.00

  • Turner and Constable; Mezzotints from the College Art Collections. Luke Hermann. 1993. £2.00

  • 50 Impressions: Japanese Colour Woodblock Prints at UCL. Timothy Clark. 1993. £15.00
  • The Strang Print Room and its Donors (Photocopy only). Charles Ford. 1992. Out of print £2.00

  • The Floating World of the Japanese Woodcut. Catherine Wilson. 1990. £2.00
  • A Centenary Exhibition. The Slade 1871-1971 (Photocopy only). Bruce Laughton. 1971. Out of print £2.50