UCL Art Museum top ten objects

St Michael overcoming Satan

Saint Michael Overcoming Satan

Centrepiece of a unique Victorian installation of plaster models, this sculpture of the archangel battling his foe is the final masterpiece of this acclaimed artist.

The Lord's Prayer: Deliver us from evil

The Lord's Prayer: Deliver us from Evil

Monument to the Baring Family
Flaxman shows two angels rescuing a man from the clutches of serpents and falling demons.

A Brahmin and a Mohammedan in earnest converse for their country's good

A Brahmin and a Mohammedan in Earnest Converse for their Country's Good

The four founders of UCL

The Four Founders of UCL

Mural by a Slade professor to celebrate UCL's centenary. Depicts a fictional meeting between Jeremy Bentham, Lord Brougham, Thomas Campbell, Henry Crabb Robinson and the architect to discuss Wilkins Building plans.

The Nativity thumbnail

The Nativity

In this student prize work by one of Britain's visionary 20th-century painters the artist's mature style is instantly recognisable, the monumentality of his figures influenced by post-impressionism and Italian primitivism.

Rego thumbnail

Under Milk Wood

This prize-winning Slade painting shows three strong women gossiping in a Portuguese kitchen, anticipating the dominant female characters in the artist's later work.

Female figure

Female Figure

Works like this prize-winner by Carrington resulted from the Slade’s pioneering policy allowing women to draw from life.

Marmor Homericum

Marmor Homericum

The inhabitants of Delos listen as Homer recites the Iliad in this work commissioned by George Grote, one of UCL’s founders.

A prospect of the city of Rome

A Prospect of the City of Rome

This vast panorama of Rome, composed of 6 plates, would have had pride of place in a 18th-century gentleman’s library.

Rustic scene: Villagers dancing

Rustic Scene

The Times claimed this large-scale work by the student artist and ‘Bright Young Thing’ heralded the revival of mural painting.