CHF Fellow Sonia Slim speaking at the Mosaic Rooms, London
CHF Fellow, Sonia Slim speaking at the Mosaic Rooms, London

Will the MTS help me with my visa application?

You will be responsible for applying for a visa, if required, but we will provide visa sponsorship letters which can be submitted as part of the visa application process. We will also require a scan of your passport and visa 4 weeks prior to your visit.

Does the MTS offer any scholarships or bursaries?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer financial support to participants. Participants may pay for themselves or be sponsored by their institution.

Will I have to buy any course materials in addition to my fee?

Your course fee includes all materials and travel to museums and galleries which are included in the course.

I have specific dietary, access or religious requirements. Will these be recognised?

We will ask you to notify us at the payment stage of your application of any special dietary, access or religious needs and we will endeavour to accommodate them. The UCL lecture theatres are fully wheelchair-accessible. Dedicated contemplation rooms are available on the UCL campus and a list of places of worship close to the UCL campus will be provided in the Welcome Pack.

This will be my first visit to London. Is there anything I should know?

We will provide you with a Welcome Pack, offering advice on accommodation, travel and your stay in London. During your time at the Summer School, you will be provided with a contact number in case of any problems.

By enrolling in the MTS, am I a student of UCL?

In undertaking an MTS course, you will not be a student of UCL and will therefore not be entitled to the rights and benefits of a student at UCL. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from the Museum Training School