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Uniquely for a London university, our vast, outstanding collections are available to inspire exciting learning and pioneering research by the UCL community, schools and the public.

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Grant Museum of Zoology

The only remaining university zoological museum in London, housing around 67,000 specimens.

Opening times

Monday - Saturday 1-5pm

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

Housing an estimated 80,000 objects, this is one of the greatest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world.

Public opening times

Tuesday to Saturday 13.00 – 17.00.

UCL Art Museum

The UCL Art Museum was founded in 1847 with a gift of the sculpture models of John Flaxman. The Strang Print Room operates as a study centre and houses works on paper by artists including Dürer, Rembrandt, Turner and Constable.

The Galton Collection

The collection comprises of around 500 scientific instruments, papers, and personal memorabilia of Sir Francis Galton F.R.S. (1822-1911)

The collection can only be visited by prior appointment with the curator.

Institute of Archaeology Collections

The collections include prehistoric ceramics and stone artefacts, and collections of Classical Greek and Roman ceramics.

Display and exhibitions are open to the public weekdays during term (9-5pm). The other collections are available by appointment.

Geology collections

The Geology Collections contain a wealth of rocks, minerals and fossils collected globally over the last 175 years.

Opening times

The Rock Room is open every Friday between 13:00 - 15:00.

The Ethnography Collections

The Ethnography Collections hold an enormous variety of objects exemplifying material culture, textiles and artefacts from all over the world. The Collections are only open by prior appointment with the Curator.

The Science Collections

The Science Collections house the wealth of scientific apparatus, equipment and memorabilia from work conducted at UCL over the past two centuries.

The Collections are only open by prior appointment with the Curator.

Jeremy Bentham auto-icon

Jeremy Bentham sits at the end of the South Cloisters on campus. He is usually woken up around 8am, and put to sleep at 6pm, Monday – Friday. Special out of hours viewings can be arranged.

The Materials Library

The Materials Library is a collection of some of the most wondrous materials on earth, gathered together from sheds, labs, grottoes and repositories around the world, for their ability to fire the imagination and advance conceptualisation.

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