Research projects available for your students

UCL’s outstanding museums and collections represent a unique teaching resource and offer exciting potential for undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. We have collated a wide range of project titles related to the collections, their contemporary significance and historical importance. From analysing pigments in paintings to evaluating cutting edge virtual collection’s resources, these projects can provide key research skills including data collection and analysis, practical observation and drawing skills, literature review techniques and subject specific knowledge. UCL’s expert Curators will be on hand to train you and your students in the key object skills required to undertake collections-based research so no previous museum experience is required.

See below a list of current project titles or contact Dr Leonie Hannan, Teaching Fellow in Object Based Learning, to discuss developing new tailor-made projects for your students.

Project title
Prospective Students
Use of museum handling collections in therapy/enrichment activities in hospitals Medicine, Museum Studies, Biological Sciences (Psychology)
Knowledge transfer in object handling: what the key mechanisms involved in learning from objects? Museum Studies, Education
‘Virtual Flaxman Gallery’: changes in decorative scheme 1849 – 2006 Computer Sciences, DIS, Museum Studies, Geoinformatics, Sustainable Heritage (Bartlett)
The use and significance of digital images/3D models to facilitate object based learning and remote access Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Medicine
Touch and value of object handling: Explore the value of object handling for learning and knowledge transfer and enjoyment, well-being and health. Science and Technology studies, Biological Sciences
Do visitors to natural history collections make the link between the objects they see and the animals they represent? Museum Studies, Education, Sustainable Heritage (Bartlett)
The value, purpose and future of University Museums. Museum Studies, Conservation Studies
Critically assess the standards of wet specimen care and conservation in natural history and medical museums. Museums Studies, Sustainable Heritage (Bartlett)
Practically speaking: the value of practical and theoretical training in museology. DIS, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Science and Technology studies
Ernest Henry Starling: world renowned physiologists and discover of the first hormone ‘secretin’ DIS, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Science and Technology studies
Robert Hooke and the development of the microscope DIS, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Science and Technology studies
Charles Bell and the anatomy and function of the cranial nerves and spinal cord. DIS, Computer Sciences
A Critical evaluation of the UCL Museums Moodle-Adlib interface  
To keep or not to keep that is the question: Understanding the process, ethics and politics of undertaking a collections review.