Geology Collections research

The Geology Collections are an excellent resource for both teaching and research, and staff and students from within UCL and the wider academic community are encouraged to contact the curators to discuss their projects. We do require that anyone who conducts research using the collections deposit a copy of their findings with us.

Collections staff also conduct their own research, and regularly blog about their work. Please follow the Geology Collections blog posts link to the left of the page for further information.

Planetary Science

Meteorite Down Microscope

The UK NASA Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF) is held by UCL, one of only seven outside the USA and the only one in the UK. Its task is to provide information and data not only to professional researchers in the UK, but also the general public, students, media, school-children and their teachers about planetary missions and their latest findings.

The archive includes images and other data from almost all of the NASA planetary missions since the 1960's, covering all the planetary bodies in the solar system which have been surveyed to date by spacecraft.

For more detailed information please see the RPIF website. Visits can be accommodated by prior arrangement, please contact the RPIF Data Manager.

Recent research undertaken in the Geology Collections

  • Volcanoes of Southern Italy.
  • Volcanism in the Marius Hills region of the Moon.
  • The Social History of the study of Geology, focusing on the work of 19th century British scientists.
  • The geology of the City of London Cemetery.
  • The biostratigraphy of the Gault and Upper Greensand formations (Middle and Upper Albian) in the BGS Selborne boreholes, Hampshire.
  • Analysis of Mortars and Stones used in the Cosmatesque Pavement at Westminster Abbey.
  • Romano-British Painting: Materials and Techniques.

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