Geology Collections learning resources

There is an extensive collection of teaching materials (rocks, minerals and fossils) for use in undergraduate practical classes, in addition to the specialist Micropalaeontology and Planetary Science collections.

Outreach and On-Site Visit

The Geology Collections are an excellent resource for educational purposes. Details of the services offered to schools can be found on the UCL Museums and Collections teaching and learning page. These include outreach workshops in schools on Rocks and Minerals.

Examples of activities we have undertaken over the past few years include:

Rock and Fossil days for small groups of children and families: these explore all aspects of geology, in a relaxed atmosphere with activities such as fossil casting, feely-boxes, gem panning and fossil rubbing.

Summer Schools for both Primary (KS-2) and Secondary (KS-3) school students, involving visits to the department. Activities for younger children have included making paints from pigments for cave painting, gem panning and feely-boxes. For older children, activities have centred on the rock cycle, and involved using keys to sort rocks and minerals. There is a short geological trail around UCL and a quiz. Some sessions have been run jointly with the Grant Museum of Zoology.

The Earth Sciences Department regularly runs Taster Courses for sixth form students.

Child's drawing

Other educational activities include the Mars in the Classroom project which provides years 9 - 11 (ages 13 - 16) science pupils in the UK with an engaging programme of extra-curricular activities. Students are asked to plan their own manned mission to Mars, exploring a wide range of relevant subjects both theoretically and experimentally as they progress through various workshops. The project is constructed around several self-contained modules to provide as much flexibility as possible.

UCL Earth Sciences Schools Service

The UCL Earth Sciences Department maintains a list of useful links for schools.

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