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Learning with objects has been an integral part of geological study at UCL since the first half of the nineteenth century. Today, the collection includes not only rocks, minerals and fossils collected over the last 175 years, but also individual collections of historical importance. The highlights include the Johnston-Lavis Volcanological collection, the Planetary Science Collection (Regional Planetary Image Facility) and the internationally recognised Micropalaeontological collections.

Rock room


On Friday 8th May the Rock Room will be hosting a group of Slade School of Fine Art students who have been invited to create and display their work drawing upon the Geology Collections as inspiration.

The Slade School Takeover will run from 1 - 5pm on Friday 8 May and is open to all visitors free of charge.

Previous year's projects have featured handmade rocks, dust from the Slade studios, baked fish and sellotape sculptures as well as the first images taken of the surface of the moon during the Apollo 1969 mission (loaned from Earth Sciences archives) and discussions between sculpture students and geologists.

We look forward to what this year's pop up will bring..!

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