Alice Stevenson


Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

UCL, Malet Place
London WC1E 6BT

Tel: +44(0)20 7679 2882




  • BA Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge, 2001
  • MA Museum Studies, University of Leicester, 2003
  • MPhil Egyptian archaeology, University of Cambridge, 2005
  • PhD Egyptian archaeology, University of Cambridge, 2007

Affiliations/Professional activities

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Honorary Research Fellow, Oriental Studies Faculty, University of Oxford
  • Senior Editor (archaeology), Oxford University Press Handbooks online

Research interests

  • Relationship between fieldwork and museums
  • Disciplinary histories of archaeology, anthropology and Egyptology
  • Histories of collections and museum archives

  • Neolithic–Early Bronze Age Egypt and surrounding regions
  • Nubian Archaeology 
  • Prehistoric figurines
  • Archaeology and anthropology of ritual, aesthetics and emotion
  • Archaeology of time
  • State formation



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Exhibitions curated

A Pioneer of Prehistory: Dorothy Garrod and the caves of Mount Carmel. Pitt Rivers Museum  18 September 2011–8 January 2012.