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Social Constructs, Slade Coldstream prize 2015

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 08:00:27 +0000

She reads: “Where am I? Inside. Outside. Included. Excluded” Pause. Changing page. She continues: “ I, a mime student: an actor without words. I, a dancer: repeating movement by movement. Again and again” UCL Art Museum has been collecting prize winning student work from the Slade School of Fine Art from the 1870s to the […]


Underwhelming Fossil Fish of the Month: July 2015

Fri, 31 Jul 2015 08:00:06 +0000

According to Wikipedia, the rule of three is a writing principle that suggests that things that come in three are inherently funnier, more satisfying or more effective than other numbers of things. However, in recent years, scholars have been unearthing a mountain of evidence to suggest that the rule be downgraded to, at best, a […]


Bringing plaster sculptures to life

Wed, 29 Jul 2015 10:05:58 +0000

One of our volunteers, Agata Matusielanska, MA in Cultural Heritage Studies at University College London, writes about her experience of working on the Flaxman app over the summer. As a volunteer at UCL Art Museum I’ve recently been working on uploading information into the new Flaxman app, which highlights the work of artist John Flaxman […]


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