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'Sequel', is a collaboration between UCL Museums & Collections and Slade School of Fine Art.

A response to the old masters by current Slade students:

Emma Connor, Patricia Delgado, Erin Gutierrez, Andrea Greenwood, Hyo Myoung Kim, Janne Malmros, Junko Otake, Stephanie O'Connor, Kate Keara Pelen, Ryan Riddington, Alex Springer, Patricia Townsend, Amanda Wasielewski, Jayne Wilton


Park Square Gardens, Overgrowth
by Erin Gutierrez Relates to:

Gekko, Ogata (1859-1920)
Two Ladies Facing in a Landscape
woodcut with hand colour
circa 1892

Gekko, Ogata (1859-1920)
Comparision of Beauties and Flowers
woodcut with hand colour

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Ogata Gekko, Two Ladies Facing in a Landscape and Comparision of Beauties and Flowers

The concept of spending time, gazing and tending, is idle.  Rarely are we held captive in this way.  Our experience is layered and non-linear.  Interrupted. Park Square Gardens, Overgrowth is a response to the passive scenes of Ogata Gekko, suggesting that interference occurs in our encounter with the landscape. 

A dimension of multiplicity disrupts the manicured architectural space of the outer trellis, while the overgrowth swallowing the shed breaks its frame.  This installation nods to the often paneled, triptych form of Gekko’s work. 

The daylight pierces the garden, punctuating its shadows. 

Erin Gutierrez
MFA Media (First Year Postgraduate)

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