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'Sequel' is a collaboration between UCL Museums & Collections and Slade School of Fine Art.

A response to the old masters by current Slade students:

Emma Connor, Patricia Delgado, Andrea Greenwood, Erin Gutierrez, Hyo Myoung Kim, Janne Malmros, Junko Otake, Stephanie O'Connor, Kate Keara Pelen, Ryan Riddington, Alex Springer, Patricia Townsend, Amanda Wasielewski, Jayne Wilton

Curated by:

UCL Art Collections (Andrea Fredericksen)

Slade School of Fine Art (Susan Collins, Dryden Goodwin, Brighid Lowe, Jon Thomson)

UCL Contemporary Projects (Simon Gould) Email

UCL Museums & Collections Web Projects (Wynn Abbott)



About the project

Sequel is a collaborative project between UCL Museums & Collections and Slade School of Fine Art. While a new generation of Slade students strive to create new work and find their own artistic expression, just 100 yards away is housed a magnificent collection of artworks from former Slade students going back to the nineteenth century as well as an extensive collection of old masters from the Renaissance onward.

Sequel is an invitation to today’s artists to revisit these past masters and to create a dialogue with them; to continue to develop their own practices using contemporary media and contemporary modes of thinking while taking time to consider and appreciate what has gone before.

The results as you will see are very exciting. Sequel is also about the process of making art with web publication in mind. The project was created to provide a professional opportunity for Slade students to engage with a university archive and collection and to experience one of the increasingly common ways that artists engage with the world outside of the studio, in cyberspace. We hope that this is the first of many more such art/web public engagement projects within UCL.

For more information contact Simon Gould Email

Emma Connor
Patricia Delgado
Andrea Greenwood
Erin Gutierrrez
Hyo Myoung Kim
Janne Malmros
Junko Otake
Stephanie O'Connor
Kate Keara Pelen
Ryan Riddington
Alex Springer
Patricia Townsend
Amanda Wasielewski
Jayne Wilton

All images copyright UCL Art Collections and UCL Media Services.

All artworks are courtesy of the artist.
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