This resource contains a selection of 50 high-resolution portraits from UCL Art Museum’s collections, highlighting the range of techniques, time periods, sitters and artists represented in the collections, with an emphasis on professors and students at the Slade School of Fine Art.

With over 10,000 works, the 50 portraits in this resource can only give a taster of the treasures found in the Museum, so come and explore the collections online through our catalogue at http://artcat.museums.ucl.ac.uk/.

For any questions regarding the resource, please contact the UCL Art Museum staff at college.art@ucl.ac.uk

This resource has been put together by Krisztina Lackoi, Tom Cowie and Erin Schuppert . Photography has been completed by Mary Hinkley and Tony Slade, UCL Media Services. All rights are reserved by UCL Art Museum, University College London.

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