Towards a futurology of the object: Part 3 - Replica


We are making replica copies of the toy car from the stunt copy that we have.

Lone Star

Your name: 
Andrey Kozlovich

First of all, at the copy of the car they wrote:
"Lone Star

Don't battle, glide


If that car was not a cabriolet it would not be possible to reach the red paint form the seats with the tong.

"The Museum or the Object as Portal"


The blue post-it note reads: "The museum or the object as portal".

Here we go:

Towards a futurology of the object: Part 2 - Dowsing


A conversation with the object, through the medium of dowsing.
Yes= Back and forth
No= Circle

Miniature Worlds 1 - Scale Models


A selection of websites which document various miniature worlds, including works by artists, scale models, video works and dolls houses.

Do as I say, not as I do: the Nemours Mission.


Assuming, as I have seen many people do, that "mental retardation" is an outdated and outfavoured term, I explored its current usage in online health-related information sources.

Boy X


I am giving the boy the name Boy X in an attempt to redress the racism he suffered at the hands of the British medical profession in being defined as “of non-European extraction”.

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