The Nocturnal Life of Objects


As the final nightshift draws to an end I think about how the experiences of encounter with the object have varied over the past week, and how our nightly vigil has restricted us from asking: What

We Are Detective


"We Are Detective" by the Thompson Twins.



“The object”, is such an impersonal name for it. My entry isn't about my reaction to the object because it is just as it is, an object. There is nothing intrinsically interesting about it.

Bacteria test - the results

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Jack Ashby

The Petri dishes inocullated from swabs of the car have been incubating since Thursday, and we now have the results. Lots of bacteria of several forms were grown.

Being Invisible


what does is mean just to be a lonely object, filled with molecules, what are molecules...maybe its better than being a human because an object is looked under a magnifying bus or on this bus......

Towards a futorology of the object: Part 5 - Cluedo Card


A Cluedo card for the Toy Car.

Toy Car as potential murder weapon, on the crime scene of the bus.
But the mystery remains unsolved.

The Red Flag


Red flags have been associated with left-wing politics since the French Revolution; the red flag became a symbol of socialism as a result of its use by the Paris Commune of 1871.

The Poison Ordeal: Revelation and Divination in Ndembu Ritual by Victor Turner


Victor Turner was an anthropologist who studied the Ndembu in Southern Africa.

"Six Film Stills Featuring the Ford Sunliner"

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Cara Brostrom - Iowa, U.S.A

Top left: "It Came From Outer Space," 1953
Top right: "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," 1962
Mid left: "Frankenstein's Daughter," 1958

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