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Lead: The Final State

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Alexander Radovic

In many ways the flow and energy of matter in the universe, not least of all our own temporal frames, are driven by the constant cycle of fusion and fission at the heart of every star.

Household Lead Testing Kit


Never mind the Scanning Electron Microscopse - forget the Pigment analysis here is the real science. Delivered directly to the Object Retrieval bus this morning was a "Household Lead Test Kit".

Scale in Alice in Wonderland


In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a children's book by Lewis Carroll, Alice finds a key sitting on a glass table.



For methods on how to create a portal see Pataphysics:

1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition


The World's Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893, was the last and the greatest of the nineteenth century's World's Fairs.

The End of Time


The End of Time is a book by Julian Barbour, a British physicist.

Royal Free Hospital


2009 (Start) CONVERSIONS: NORTH: Caledonian Rd. NORTH NORTH EAST: Liverpool Rd / Upper St. / Essex Rd. onto Upper st. / EAST: City Rd. / SOUTH EAST: Bath St. onto City Rd. / Goswell Rd.

Heavy metal toxicity - why is lead poisonous


Heavy metals are poisonous. I will look at the molecular/cellular effects of lead ions that lead to their toxicity and in particular their effect on neurons.


The Space Race


Somebody has suggested that it was this car JFK was travelling in when he was assassinated. In fact it was a 1961 Customised Lincoln Continental but it did share a similarly streamlined design.

Professor Stuart Robson introduces the car to the ARIUS 3D scanner.


Stuart Robson took the car to be scanned with the ARIUS 3D laser scanner - a very impressive machine. Here is a film of that scan.

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