The Cardigans' Car


The Cardigans' pop video depicts a young woman driving in a distinctively similar car to that of the object in the study.

'car' by Harry Crews

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catherine Hoffmann

Harry crews, American novelist. Born: June 6, 1935 had a youthful fixation with cars in South Georgia.

CT scan of the car


On Friday morning Professor Robert Spiller and researcher Jenny Griffiths took the car into the department of medical physics and bioengineering for it to be CT scanned.

Advertisements for Ford Sunliner


2 advertisements for the Ford Sunliner, one from 1955 and one from 1960.

Scale drawing of the toy car


A scan of a 1:1 scale drawing of the object, showing plan view and side elevations.

The Turn of the Screw


We could read the crude and disproportionate screw in the base, in the context of it’s place as a teaching tool in the Pathology Collection, as a response to the fact that the car committed it’s ow

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