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Katy & Peter Merrington (Brother and Sister)

We licked the red paint on the 'Object Retrieval' bus to see if it would poison us. We now await the results.

We did two lickings of approx 2 cm square each. We did not manage to remove any paint. We cleaned the surface that was licked with our sleeves beforehand to ensure no contamination.

The taste lingers approx 15 minutes. Peter descibed the taste as metallic. The feeling of the metal was cold and smooth. Like the back of the spoon.

We will monitor and report back on any symptoms that become apparent, over the forthcoming weeks.

We have no existing medical or psychological conditions that could influence this experiment.

We enjoyed the lick and Peter feels an urge to lick again 15 minutes later. Could such licking be addictive?

Peter and Katy Merrington 20:20 Thursday 15th October 2009